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Bankroll Management

Here are some basic money management strategies recommended by the advanced players:

Don't bet more than you can afford

Stealing your mother's card to play on casinos is not such a good idea. First, your mom will surely catch you after a while, and second, you will be tempted to bet more and more. Play only with excess money that you can afford to lose, and set yourself a weekly or monthly betting limit.

Try strategies on free playing

If you have a new revolutionary strategy that you want to test, it is better to try it on the free version of the game. Any online casino game has a version of this kind. Free playing is a method to test any risky strategy. If it proves effective, try it for real money with lower stakes. If you can beat the beginners using this strategy, you should also apply it for high tournaments and competitions.

Winning at poker

Online poker is maybe the casino game that leaves the luck factor in the second plan. There are many combinations possible; therefore getting a straight flush isn't exactly a warranty. Moreover, some players are constantly winning on poker applying some advanced strategies. Before knowing those strategies, you will have to create a solid bankroll that would keep you into the game.

Learn to loose. The major mistake of beginners in poker is to insist. We know, it is hard to get out of a game when you have 100 $ gambled on the table. However, losing 100 $ is better than losing 1000. If you think your opponent has a better hand, you should get out of the table. Don't worry, as you will recover that money in the future days.

Winning on roulette

Although the roulette online game is one of the riskiest initiatives, the thrilling of the game and the potential winnings are surely attractive for some players. A smart roulette bankroll must be divided in two parts: one for fun playing, and one for recovering losses. The ideal percentage is 30 % to 70 %. The 30 percent part must be used for risky bets, such as bets on single numbers, and the 70 percent part must be used on 1:2 odds such as red/black or small/big to recover the potential losses.

Slots and video pokers

Online slots and video pokers are popular in the online casino's world. Those games are based on luck, therefore the only strategy that can be applied while playing them is the money management strategy. Set yourself limits and don't make any concessions. If you proposed yourself to win 30 $ in a day, leave the table as soon as you have the required sum.

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