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Play Bingo Game Online Correctly

Bingo is the lottery type game, offering players fun and exciting pastime. At first it appeared as a woman's game and later became popular among gamblers of all sexes, nationalities and ages. Especially it has risen in popularity with the development of online gambling.

To learn how to play bingo game online is simply and quickly. It is necessary to remember that bingo rules can change from casino to casino, but the essence of the game remains the same.

Bingo Game Card

  1. First of all, the gambler needs to buy the bingo card or several of them, before the beginning of the playing session.
  2. The unique set of numbers is marked on each card - from 1 to 75.
  3. Every separate card has different numbers, you won't find two equal cards.
  4. The numbers are divided into 5 columns, which are labeled as B/I/N/G/O. Each column consists of 15 numbers, placed in random order. For example, the 2st column contains 1-15 numbers, the 2nd one - 1-16 and so on.
  5. The card also contains 24 numbers with a free square at the center.

Bingo Game Online Rules

  • The game starts. The caller (online bingo automated number generator) draws different numbers and announces them to players.
  • The gamblers should mark the corresponding numbers in their cards with the help of the dabber (special felt pen).
  • The objective of the bingo is to match the announced numbers, according to the particular pattern, determined at the game beginning.
  • The first player, who achieved the required result wins and receives the prize. The prize usually varies from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars, cars, cruises and other trips.
  • Playing the progressive jackpots bingo games in online casino can give you the opportunity to win millions of dollars.
  • If you play bingo in the land based casino, you should take into consideration that it played very quickly, so it is necessary to think and act round pace.

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