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Blackjack Rules

Let's have a look at the basic options offered by the blackjack game:


Blackjack is the dream of every player. It means that you are the winner of the game automatically; you will get 1.5 x your current bet as prize, and the game stops instantly.


If you are still far from a total of 21, you could request an additional card. You will have to push the "Hit" button. The button can be pushed once every round. When you hit, the dealer has the option to call, rise, or fall.


The command "Stand" means that you are satisfied with your current cards. The game is over for you, and the rest of the players must calculate their odds considering this aspect. If the dealer thinks he has a better combination than yours, he has the option to raise the bet. In this case, you will have to call for the dealer's bet, or to surrender.


Insurance is an option offered to the player for decreasing the house edge. The dealer must show you one card. Considering the online casino of your choice, the software might let you to take insurance. The insurance can only be activated if the dealer has an Ace or a royal card faced up. The insurance costs 50 % of your initial bet, but you will surely be glad about taking it if the dealer wins.


This is another option offered by the casinos to limit your losses. If you Surrender, you will only loose your initial bet. This option must be taken in case the dealer has a good card faced up.

Doubling Down:

If the game goes to the third round, you will have the option to Double Down. This option allows you to begin two separate blackjack games. You will have more options to win. Doubling Down is recommended only if you have good cards in your hand. However, two royal cards means a total of 20, and the majority of players would prefer to stand, instead of beginning two risky games.

Splitting Pairs:

This option is only available on some casinos. Again, two separate games would begin. This option is not recommended if you have a pair of royal cards.

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