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What is it Casino House Edge?

It's not a secret that casino is a very profitable business. The house edge is a statistical advantage of the casino over the gambler. It varies from game to game and usually depends on the rules of the game and the bets. The house advantage principle is based on the winning and losing probabilities and the game odds.

From the mathematical point of view, house advantage id the difference between true winning odds and the money amount you get, if you win; it is the average loss ratio to the first wager.

Casino Games House Edge

As you know the house edge is proportionate to the initial wager, and before playing at any of the online casino sites, you can find out its advantage and choose the most suitable one.

There are games, where you can get the advantage over the casino, for example, blackjack. If you know the game rules and its basic strategy perfectly and in addition to this use card counting techniques, you will definitely beat the casino.

The most important factors in beating the casino are:

  • Gamblers' skills
  • Playing time
  • Amounts of wagers.

But, remember that casinos never lose. Different casino sites have their own advantages, so if you want to win, you should check them attentively and define whether it is profitable to play there.

One more interesting fact is: the higher is the casino payout, the higher is its advantage.

Casino Advantage Ways

  1. Edge Percentage - it is percentage the casino will receive from each player's wager.
  2. Vigorish Percentage - the fee casinos receive from bettors.
  3. Return Percentage - the overall wager fraction, which would go to the gambler.
  4. Hold - this is a tangible quantity (amount, which was cycled through slots machine, which is kept buy casino or cash kept by the casinos in the table games).

How to Decrease House Edge

  • Prefer playing the games of skills- blackjack, video poker, regular poker.
  • Remember, that roulette, craps and slots are the games of chance with the high house advantage.
  • The longer the player plays the particular game, the more likely he/she will lose.

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