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Casino Security

Here are the security matters that must be considered before signing up for a certain online casino. Check them all, and only sign up if you are certain about the safety of the site.

Digital Encryption

The digital encryption is offered to the casino as a service. There are specialized sites developing them, and those sites are considered partners of the casino. Therefore, if a casino prides itself with a 128-byte encryption, don't take their word for granted. Check the security provider; see if the casino is approved. Moreover, the security provider can also give other security features to the casino.

Casino Payment Options

It is important to have many payment and withdrawal methods at your disposal. The casino must accept your credit card, whether it is a MasterCard, a Visa, or an AmEx. PayPal is still the preferred payment method for the majority of players, although some other virtual banks are offering huge promotions. If you were a smart player, you would check the special selections of this kind. For example, NEteller is offering 25 % bonus for your first deposit on almost every online casino.

Moneybookers is another great payment and withdrawal method. It is expected for the service to grow larger than PayPal in the next years, therefore opening an account with them might be a good idea.

Depending on your location, some other payment methods might be available. However, use those options only if you are convinced about their security.

Account Verification

The world of online casinos implies a lot of money. Therefore, you can never be too cautious. The casino must verify your e-mail first. Of course, this is only the first step of the verification process. The casino might ask you for the national ID or even a copy of the card. However, be careful about giving them those details. Don't give the CVV to anyone! The number of the card is not such a big secret, but the CVV is the final security preventive method, therefore only the card holder must know it.

If you manage to make your first deposit, it won't mean that you are fully verified. The casino might ask you for additional details when you would try your first withdrawal. Therefore, real data is mandatory if you want a good relationship with your casino.

Confidentiality matters

The relationship between a player and a casino is based on trust and respect. The casino is not allowed to use your data for other reasons than your playing needs. Although it is not common, sometimes your data might get to third parties. Read the terms and conditions of the casino, and see how you could turn against them in case those kinds of events would happen.

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