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Loyalty Program

The sign-up bonus

Every casino must reward a certain player for joining the site. The signup bonus can be a fixed amount, or a percentage of your first deposit. However, don't be so happy about a 500 % bonus, as depositing 1000 dollars under this offer won't guarantee you 5000 free dollars. You will need a high rollover before claiming that money, and the withdrawing conditions might be harsh.

The rollover bonus

Any casino has a house edge imposed by law. If the house edge is 5 percent, the casino would retain 5 dollars from every 100 dollars gambled on the site. This is why the website is interested about players betting, gambling, and depositing. High rollovers are rewarded by the casino with a certain percentage. Some casinos would give you points for gambling more, while others would prefer to give you real money for your strivings. Don't go only for money. The points can sometimes be used for joining some exclusive tournaments, or for buying advanced strategies.

The jackpots

The jackpots are available mostly on slots games. As those games are based on pure luck, the players might have the tendency to avoid them. However, the possibility of a huge 500 000 dollars jackpot will surely keep the players on the reels. Jackpots are available on other games also, and you must try to find the progressive jackpots first. You will have to bet the maximum wager to claim those bonuses, but you won't regret this bet if you would get richer with 1 million dollars.

VIP programs

The VIP programs are complex features of the casinos that are designed to keep the users playing. The VIP program is composed of many bonuses, jackpots, and rewards, depending on the player's wagers. A player can have a certain level, qualifying for certain programs. As an example, a Silver Member could only join medium-to-advanced poker tournaments, while a Platinum member would have access to any tournament or competition hosted by the casino. Moreover, the commissions would be significantly decreased for the Platinum members.

Some casinos would let you to buy your membership. Other casinos might want you to earn your level. Buy Platinum status only if you are certain about the casino of your choice, and you are also convinced that you will bet some high sums on the casino. If the casino won't give you the possibility to buy the membership, you will have to earn it by wagering more. You won't have to bet all your bankroll on a single roulette number to get to the minimum required rollover. You will only have to place small bets with an increased winning chance.

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