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Video Poker Rules

The basic deck of poker cards is used for the video pokers also. You will have five cards as the beginning hand. You can keep some of them, or you could discard them all if you want. After the exchange, the video poker software will calculate your current earnings. Again, the winning combinations are borrowed from the poker game.

Jacks or Better

Every casino has at least a dozen of video pokers based on Jacks or Better. The minimum payout is reached with a pair of Jacks, as any other inferior combination won't count. Of course, better hands would bring you more money, and a Royal Flush would bring you an astonishing 250X multiplier. Moreover, the majority of online casinos would also give you a jackpot that could get to 5000 X your initial bet.

Only the higher combination is paid. For example, two pairs of Jacks and Queens will be paid as two pairs; it won't be paid for the pair of Jacks and the pair of Queens.

Basic Video Poker Strategy

Video pokers are basically luck games, but there are some strategies that could be applied to lower the house edge. You will have to risk less for higher payouts.

Always stick with the winning combinations. If you have two pairs in your hands, but you also see a potential flush, you should stick to the pairs. Of course, a flush is paid better, but you will have high chances of losing everything. Every player has his own betting strategy, and the gamblers that like risking would surely go for the flush.

If you don't have even one pair from the start, stick with the royal cards, or try to get a flush. If you don't have even a royal card in your hand, you should discard all the five cards. You won't have many chances to win, but sometimes this happens.

Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is a special kind of video poker that is considered more rewarding by some players. The deuces are considered Wild cards; therefore, they can substitute any other card for a winning combination. However, it is easier for the players to get winning combinations this way, so the casino pays less for them. Deuces Wild is a variety of poker preferred by the beginners and by those players that are not so comfortable about taking high risks. You will get a winning combination almost every round, and you will see your bankroll rising slowly but safely.

Other kinds of video pokers are available at online casinos. Some pokers are developed exclusively for certain casinos, so you won't find them on any other website. Furthermore, the casinos would try to promote those exclusive video pokers by offering high bonuses and jackpots.

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